Chemistry 422 Lab Schedule

Lab Schedule 2020

Provisional (subject to change)

In the event of a storm cancellation, all labs will be pushed forward one week.

Jan 13 Dichlorocarbene Part 1
Jan 20 Dichlorocarbene Part 2
Jan 27 Synthesis and Analysis of a Cyclic Acetal 
Feb 3 Diels Alder 
Feb 10 Bromination of trans-Anethole
Feb 17 Midterm Break
Feb 24 Acid-Catalyzed Isomerization of Carvone to Carvacrol
Mar 2

Aldo Condenstion and Effects of Reaction Conditions

Procedure and risk assessment for directed study Separations lab due!

The last three labs will be rotated. You will be given a schedule for these labs before March 9th.
Mar 9 Separations Lab Part 1
Mar 16 Separations Lab Part 1
Mar 23 Linear Free Energy Relationships
Mar 30 Flex Lab
Apr3 Last day of Classes