Chemistry 355

Advanced Biochemistry Lab Schedule 2022

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Date Experiment
September 9

Safety Discussion/ Lab Expectations/ Use of Pipettors/ Serial Dilutions and Standard Curve (Due Sept 12th)

September 16th

Purification of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH ) Part one

September 23rd

Purification of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH ) Part two

September 30th

No Labs

October 7th

Lactate dehydrogenase assays

October 14th

Midterm, No Lab

October 21st

Kinetics of α-amylase

October 28th

Lactate dehydrogenase Bradford assay,  Kinetics of α-amylase lab report due

November 4th

SDS-Page of LDH part one,  LDH lab (4 parts) report due

November 11th

Fall Study Break, No Lab

November 18th

SDS-Page of LDH part two

November 25th

Vitamin C Titrations, SDS page lab report due 

December 2nd 

Vitamin C lab report due, No Lab

December 7th

Last day of classes 

Mark Allocation:

      Uses of pipettors - 5 marks
      Kinetics of α-amylase - 20 marks
      LDH lab (4 Parts) - 45 marks
      SDS page- 15 marks
      Vitamin C - 15 marks