Student Assistants

FALL 2022 Positions Now Filled!

During the academic year, the chemistry department employs a number of students to assist in labs and in assignment marking.  Our first priority is the employment of STUDENT TEACHING ASSISTANTS in our laboratories. The job entails passing on the experience you gained when taking the laboratory course yourself.  These positions are available to all sophomores, juniors and seniors with preference for the positions in first year labs given to sophomores.

For positions as CORRECTORS (AKA assignment markers), you must have passed the same course well and be a reliable and comfortable choice for the professor of the course. These positions are available for juniors and seniors only.


A Lab Teaching Assistant will normally be required to:

  1. Prepare themselves for and attend all lab sessions for the course assigned.
  2. Oversee the students assigned to you doing their experimental work.
  3. Be on the front line to ensure that all work is carried out safely (i.e., promote the concepts of SAFETY: Everybody’s responsibility and SAFETY IS AN ATTITUDE).
  4. Mark student lab work (pre-labs and write-ups as required) and record marks accurately. All answer sheets, marking schemes and record sheets will be provided.
  5. Morning (AM) labs run 8:15 – 11:05am.  Afternoon (PM) labs run 2:15 – 5:05pm.  Evening (EVE) labs run 6:30-9:30pm.

Course Corrector will be responsible for correcting class assignments, assignment quizzes, etc.  Correctors work directly with the professor of the course, who will provide all materials and details of number and frequency of work required.


As listed, will be made (one payment) towards the end of the appropriate term, paid directly into the student’s bank account.  Information on this will need to be supplied, by the student, directly to the Payroll Department of the University – more information will be made available to student assistants during the term.


The following positions for first term student assistants are available, subject to course enrolments and budgetary considerations, for first term, at the indicated pay rates.

You may apply for up to three lab TA positions, but normally only one position will be awarded for any one term.

Students with either Chem 100/101/102 or 120/121/122 are encouraged to apply for any first year lab course.  Those with Chem 151 may only apply for Chem 151.

1st Year positions run alternate weeks only (maximum of 6 per term)

For all 2nd year positions you cannot have a commitment (i.e. class, team practice, job, volunteering, etc) in the time between 5-6pm on the lab day for which you are applying.  Some labs may run long and you are required to stay until the students have finished.

Those with Chem 225 may not apply for Chem 221/222.  For Chem 225, either Chem 225 OR Chem 220/221/222 is required.

For all other courses, you must have already passed the course for which you are applying.

- CHEM 231 LAB is currently scheduled for ALTERNATE WEEKS but may need to be adjusted to accommodate a large class [payment adjusted accordingly].

Course Lab Day Pay/semester Positions Available (9/7/2022)
Chem 101 Mon PM $250 0
Chem 101 Tues AM $250 0
Chem 101 Tues PM $250 0
Chem 101  Wed AM $250 0
Chem 101 Wed PM $250 0
Chem 101 Thurs PM $250 0
Chem 121 Wed PM $250 0
Chem 121 Thurs PM $250 0
Chem 151 Mon PM $250 0
Chem 151 Tues PM $250 0
Chem 221 Tues PM $500 0
Chem 221 Wed PM $500 0
Chem 225 Thurs PM $500 0
Chem 225 Fri PM $500 0
Chem 231 Fri PM $400 0
Chem 265 Mon PM $500 0
Course Pay/semester Positions Available (9/7/2022)
Chem 101 $250 0


 - To apply for Lab Teaching Assistant positions, please complete and submit the Lab TA Application Form

 - To apply for Course Corrector positions, please complete and submit the Course Corrector Application Form