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X-Chem STEM Outreach is a multifaceted outreach program with over 30 years of experience engaging youth in science. Our goal has always been to inspire curiosity in youth and to stimulate an interest in science. We do this by providing children with an opportunity to do hands on science and to connect children to working scientists. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to take part in science; regardless of location, socio-economic status, or culture. This is why X-Chem STEM Outreach brings science to children!  

X-Chem STEM Outreach est un programme de sensibilisation à multiples facettes avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience engageant les jeunes en science. Notre objectif a toujours été d'inspirer de la curiosité aux jeunes et de stimuler l'intérêt pour la science. Nous faisons cela en offrant aux enfants, l'occasion de faire de la science et de mettre en contact les enfants et les scientifiques. Nous croyons que tous les enfants devraient avoir l'opportunité de participer à la science; n'importe leur localisation, statut socioéconomique ou culture. C'est pourquoi X-Chem Outreach offre de la science aux enfants!


Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 350,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide.  Please visit Actua at www.actua.ca.