Climate and Environment

"I really like the idea of making it a mix of science and arts to incorporate the policy and law side of climate change. [...] I would have an even bigger edge if the policy had been in the ENSCI program at X which is why I think the new program will be so successful for anybody wanting to get into the world of climate change."

- Samantha Gray, StFX Graduate and University of Waterloo Graduate Student



Three Great Reasons to take the BASc in Climate and Environment

1) It is a degree that gives students both an Arts and a Science perspective:

Issues about climate and environment and their potential solutions almost always require intervention that requires an understanding of both social and scientific impacts. The BASc in Climate and Environment will encourage students to consider the multiple and rippled effects small- and large-scale decisions have on the environment in which they live. The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment is designed with the world's complex reality in mind. The BASc will challenge students to think through the scientific, social, political, and commercial impacts of both climate and environment issues as well as our responses. The BASc leverages all relevant disciplinary contributions to a topic and allows students to access a deep  and balanced curriculum in Climate and Environment spread across departmental and disciplinary divides.

2) It provides students with numerous experiential learning opportunities, giving them an edge on the job market:

StFX has long believed in experiential learning. When service learning was developed at StFX over 30 years ago, it was a pioneering effort. While the university has retained its commitment to service learning, it has also diversified its experiential learning offerings, creating yet more life-changing opportunities for students. The value of experiential learning-- that is, experiences that students can point to as formative moments in their education and experiences that allow them to make connections between what they learn in textbooks and in the classroom and the contexts in which they'll be applied-- is something that StFX takes seriously and so has decided to weave that into the BASc in Climate and Environment! The fourth-year includes a year long applied project that has students working on industry-based and community projects directly related to climate and environment projects. This means students get first-hand experiences of what it is like to contribute to knowledge and innovation pertaining to climate and environment, giving them invaluable insight into the mechanics of climate and environment initiatives.

Students also have the option to complete Co-op while completing the BASc in climate and Environment. This is an opportunity for students to get relevant, paid work experience while completing their degree. Students obtain 12-16 month internships  (continuous or in 4-month stages) with either government organizations, non-profits, or in private industry.

3) Renowned faculty teach in Climate and Environment at StFX:

Our faculty are great, and they have the accolades to prove it! A good number of people who will be teaching core courses in the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment have won the university’s research or teaching prizes. They have also hold impressive external research prizes.  We have the only Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Climate nationally and other former CRCs in our ranks. Our faculty and their research are regularly featured on the news. Our faculty are active in their respective fields and maintain active research labs on campus that employ student researchers. StFX has some great researchers and professors that provide students with an exceptional learning experience. Many students therefore have the opportunity to work alongside their professors in their labs, giving them access to learning opportunities that are often not available to their peers at larger institutions where that type of work is typically reserved for graduate students.




What is the BASc in Climate and Environment?

The BASc in Climate and Environment will encourage students to consider the multiple and rippled effects small- and large-scale decisions have on the environment in which they live.  At StFX, we believe that the best people to address environmental issues of all kinds, whether it involves determining where your town’s waste goes to how climate change will affect the world’s poorest, are the ones who are well-familiar with shifting societal dynamics coupled with rigorous scientific analysis. Exploring these high-stakes issues alongside renowned faculty will allow students to build a strong academic foundation for understanding the environmental challenges facing our planet and the ways in which we can effect change.

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment is a new interdisciplinary offering that supports student development and intellectual capacity in problem-solving and academic discourse pertaining to Climate and Environment. Current faculty expertise on campus in Environmental Sciences, including Climate, provides the opportunity for programming that is current, attractive, and academically challenging. The program leverages current expertise as well as build bridges between often completely detached academic departmental units within the university, including the Coady International Institute, to provide students with the opportunity to self-determine areas of interest within the broad scope of Climate and Environment.

The program will serve students who seek an interdisciplinary education with a unique strength in both Environment and Climate. The BASc in Climate and Environment will be appealing to students whose interest in Environment is partially or wholly motivated by their awareness of Climate issues.