Climate & Environment Co-op

Most CLEN students join the Co-op Education Program in the spring of the first year. This provides students the best opportunities to complete their degree with co-op in four years versus five years. If a third-year CLEN student is interested in completing their degree with co-op, it will take five years to complete their degree with co-op. Most Co-op Education Programs in Canada will take 4.5 to 5 years to complete.

If a student would like to complete their degree with co-op in four years, please connect with the StFX Co-op Coordinator as soon as possible. The Co-op Coordinator and Academic Advising can assist with developing this plan. Course offerings can impact this plan.

Work Term Sequencing Options

The following co-op work term sequencing options are available for CLEN students.

four year plan join in first year alternating model

five year plan join second year internship model

five year plan join second year alternating model

Rates of Pay


Salary Range (Weekly)

min 35hrs/wk, before deductions**

How much you can make in 4 months

*Calculation based on 35 hrs/wk, 15 weeks, before deductions** 

How much you can make completing 12 months of co-op experience

*Calculation based on 35 hrs/wk, 45 weeks (15 wks/ 4 month semester),  before deductions** 

CLEN $525-$875 $7875-$13,125 $23,625-$39,375

**Allowable deductions include those required by federal or provincial law, such as taxes and employment insurance premiums. 

Potential Co-op Job Titles

  • Wildlife Technician
  • Stewardship Co-op
  • Environmental Resource Intern 
  • Water Quality Analyst 
  • Project Assistant 
  • Conservation Intern 
  • Communications Coordinator Consultant  
  • Technical Assistant     
  • Research Assistant  
  • Lands and Resources Intern   
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Sustainability Intern 
  • Junior GIS Analyst  
  • Public Works Assistant  
  • Environmental Assistant
  • Environmental Auditor   
  • Product Developer   
  • Environmental Planner         
  • Student Environmental Officer 
  • Outdoor Ed. Assistant
  • Research Associate 
  • Water  Coordinator  
  • Environ & Energy Analyst 
  • Assistant Water Analyst
  • Policy Analyst 
  • Environmental Officer   
  • Sustainability Coordinator    


Employers who Advertised Employment Opportunities

  • Ducks Unlimited   
  • Environment Canada  
  • Fisheries & Oceans Canada 
  • Suncor 
  • Syncrude
  • Parsons Corporation
  • Siemens 
  • Parks Canada   
  • North Shore Environmental Consultants
  • Secure Energy Services  
  • Clean Nova Scotia       
  • Atlantic Can. Organic Reg. Network
  • Bird Studies Canada 
  • Transport Canada 
  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • World Wildlife Fund Canada  
  • Statistics Canada     
  • City of Toronto 
  • Stantec  
  • Depts Natural Resources   
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Golder Associates
  • Vale (mining)  
  • Government of Canada 
  • City of Kingston             
  • McIntosh Perry 
  • City of Barrie
  • Secure Energy Services  
  • CPAWS Yukon
  • Nuclear Waste Management Association