Health Co-op

Most HEALTH students join the Co-op Education Program in the spring after the first year. This provides students the best opportunities to complete their degree with co-op in four years versus five years. If a third-year HEALTH student is interested in completing their degree with co-op, it will take five years to complete their degree with co-op. Most Co-op Education Programs in Canada will take 4.5 to 5 years to complete.  

If a student would like to complete their degree with co-op in four years, please connect with the StFX Co-op Coordinator as soon as possible. The Co-op Coordinator and Academic Advising can assist with developing this plan. Course offerings can impact this plan. If an HLTH co-op student would like to complete a COOP work term in the winter semester, they need to obtain HLTH program coordinator approval to take HLTH 302 and HLTH 402 concurrently in their final year. 

Work Term Sequencing Options

The following co-op work term sequencing options are available for HEALTH students.

four year plan join in first year alternating model

five year plan join second year internship model

five year plan join second year alternating model


Rates of Pay


Salary Range (Weekly)

min 35hrs/wk, before deductions**

How much you can make in 4 months

*Calculation based on 35 hrs/wk, 15 weeks, before deductions** 

How much you can make completing 12 months of co-op experience

*Calculation based on 35 hrs/wk, 45 weeks (15 wks/ 4 month semester),  before deductions**  

Health-related Roles $525-$840 $7875-$12,600 $23,625-$37,800

**Allowable deductions include those required by federal or provincial law, such as taxes and employment insurance premiums. 


Potential Job Titles

  • Research Analyst  
  • Public Health Analyst 
  • Clinical Research Assist. 
  • Guest Services Coordinator 
  • Community Health Educator  
  • Project Coordinator     
  • Corporate Wellness Assist                  
  • Rehabilitation Assistant  
  • Health & Safety Officer   
  • Restorative Care Assistant 
  • Health Program Planner   
  • Consultation Intern  
  • Healthy Projects Coordinator 
  • Health Promotion Student
  • Community Care Assistant 
  • Biotech Intern  
  • Team Assistant    
  • Junior Policy Analyst  

Employers who Advertised Health-Related Roles

  • Sick Kids Toronto    
  • CACL  
  • Health Canada  
  • Bloorview Res. Institute 
  • Assisted Living Centres    
  • Community Care Access Centre 
  • Consulting Firms 
  • Fitness & Recreation Centres
  • Provincial Health Agencies   
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Long term Care Facilities  
  • Medical Offices    
  • Social Services 
  • Workplace Safety Boards 
  • Saint Martha’s Hospital Foundation
  • Siemans 
  • Health Authorities  
  • Health Research Centres