Post-Bac Diploma Co-op

Please note. This website will be updated by April 2023 for the academic year 2023-2024. Once we have finalized our intake process for 2023-2024, the information for 2022-2023 will be deleted from the site. 

StFX offers a co-op option for students enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Enterprise IT Management (PDBEITM) and the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (PBD AI). Co-op students complete 4 months of paid work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, non-profits, and academic studies. While completing the work experience, students complete the required learning assignments and are monitored and evaluated by the Co-op Office and their employer. Monitoring and evaluation will assist the student with learning and understanding of self and the world of work. As with many Co-op Education programs in Canada, PDBEITM/PBDAI co-op students will complete two professional development seminars, one work term (4 months, summer after the first year), and our capstone course COOP 530.

PBD Co-op Fees: $1700 ($600/seminar and $500 work term). In addition to the co-op work term fee, students also pay the 3 credit tuition equivalent for the co-op work term (3 credits) and StFX additional fees.  Visit StFX student accounts to learn more. 


September 2022 Intake Information

The Co-op Office will be notifying students by mid-July/early August the process to apply to the Co-op Program in September 2022. We will only have one intake for the 2022-23 academic year. Students will attend an in-person Co-op Program information session on (date TBA). After the information session concludes, the Co-op Office will open the Co-op application. Students will have until midnight September 7, 2022 to apply. On September 8, the Co-op Office will notify students of their Co-op status.  The week of September 12, Co-op students will complete their first in-person professional development seminar. The week of September 19, students will complete their second professional development seminar. 

The PBD Co-op program is a direct entry program. The Co-op office entry requirements are the same that students needed to gain entry into their Post- Bac Diploma program. In addition to the academic requirements, in order to be accepted into the Co-op program students will:

  • review and agree to the Co-op Student Expectation document which will outline the Co-op program requirements and expectations for students and; 
  • begin their Post-Bac Diploma program in September 2022 in-person. Students who start their classes in January 2023 are not eligible for the Co-op program.  

Work Term Sequencing 

  Year 1: Fall Year 1: Winter Summer Year 2: Fall Year 2: Winter
#course academic credits 12 12 not taking courses 12 12
COOP Requirements COOP 500, 501 Job Searching Work Term (3 credits) COOP 530  




Please visit our PBD Co-op Questions and Answers site to learn more about Co-op.

Work Permit Information 

After being accepted into the Co-op program, international students are required to have a co-op work permit in addition to their study permit prior to applying for any co-op jobs. International students enrolled in the Co-op program should apply for their co-op work permit by September 30. The Co-op Office will schedule a workshop for students applying for their co-op work permit. For more information on the work permit application process visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. Co-op work permit application processing times can be lengthy 5-6 months. Students are encouraged to start the process immediately after being accepted into the Co-op program. Co-op Students should visit CIC's website as it contains the most up-to-date information. 

In addition to the co-op work permit, students will also need a Social Insurance Number (SIN). The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada's website. Students can apply for their SIN after being accepted into the Co-op Program.