Salaries / Wages

The wages listed in the table represent a historical compilation of salary and wage information reported by students and employers. Salaries and wages are subject to change based on the labour market and industry. The rates are presented in Canadian dollars per week before deductions.  Wages can be dependent on the number of work terms completed, course work completed, location, and employer.  In Nova Scotia, eligible organizations can apply for CEI funding which has a minimum wage of $15/hr for 35 hrs/wk. 


Salary Range (Weekly)

Min 35 hrs/wk
Biology $525-$700
Business $525-$1015
Computer Science $525-$1050
Climate & Environment  $525-$700
Health $525-$805
Human Nutrition $525-$840
Math $525-$875
Master of Applied Computer Science $630-$1050
Post-Bac Diploma Enterprise IT Mgmt $630-$1050