Student Testimonials

The Co-op program gives you an opportunity to try out different professions so you can really find out what the right future is for you.

Nicole Sanscartier,

BBA Accounting 2013 (Co-op)

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Co-op reveals to me the experiences that I wouldn't otherwise have.

Christine Kingan,

BBA 2017 (CO-OP)

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Being a part of the Co-op program allowed me to graduate with a year's worth of paid experience.

Emma Tompkins,

BSc BIOL 2014 (Co-op)

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Co-op has enabled me to recognize and build upon my strengths.

Jenna Clark,

HNU 2015 (CO-OP)

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Through the co-op program, I have learned how to navigate through the information technology world and now have practical work experience.

Brennan Neve,

BA Computer Science 2017 ( Co-op)

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During my Co-op, I was able to drastically improve my knowledge and understanding of the financial industry and the innerworkings of a hedge fund.

Tyler Priest

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Co-op placements have helped me become more well-rounded both as a person and as a professional.

Mike Keough,

BSc Human Nutrition Hons. 2017 ( Co-op)

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Being a Co-op Student is almost like watching the previews in the movie theatre, while still being able to make an educated decision on which route to take.

Lindsay MacLeod,

HNU 2015 (Co-op)

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I have been a part of a learning partnership, which has helped me become more confident, more experienced, and more prepared to enter the workforce.

Nicole MacFarlane,


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Being able to relate real-life experience back to a classroom setting is a huge advantage.

Alesha Baker,

BBA Management and Leadership (Co-Op)

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