CSCI Tutors

The following is a list of students who are willing to tutor. You should either call or email to see if the tutor would have some time available for you. This service is not free of charge and any fee is agreed upon between the tutor/student

Tutors for 2022/23 term:
(please check back as this page will be updated)

NAME EMAIL Courses willing to tutor

Brandon Elliott CSCI 161/162, High School level CSCI courses
Curtis Kuzmyk Statistics (100-300 level), Math 101, 105, 106/107, 126/127  
Lauren DeCoste Math 106/107, Math 126/127, High School level
Noah Murrant CSCI 161/162, High School Level
Langley Burke Math 106/107, Math 126/127
Aditi Math 101/102, 106/107, 126/127
Josephine Chisholm Math, Calculus and Stats courses, High School elvel
Allie Sandluck High School - Math-11, Pre-Cal 11, Pre-Cal 12 and Calc 12
Stuart White Math 105, Stat 101
Eli Rosen Math 105
Alessa Mancino Math 105, Stat 101

Additional Resources:

  • For FREE tutoring, the following services are available: The department conducts a Math, Stats and Computer Science Learning Center. The hours can be found at the following website: learning-centre
  • Also, The Math/Stats and Computer Science Society will host a tutorial.
  • Contact the Student Success Centre for additional help/services.