CSCI Tutors

The following is a list of students who are willing to tutor. You should either call or email to see if the tutor would have some time available for you. This service is not free of charge and any fee is agreed upon between the tutor/student

Tutors for 2021/22 term:
(please check back as this page will be updated)

NAME EMAIL Courses willing to tutor

Pàdruig MacDonald MATH 101/102, CSCI 161/162, 255, 275
Alexander Clow

Math 106/107, 126/127, 253, 254, 267, 
277, 354, 366, 367

Evan Pye Calculus I/II
Elizabeth Kennedy Math 105, any high school level math
Shubham Poriya Stats - high school math
Langley Burke Calculus I/II
Michael Taylor CSCI 161/162
Sami Jada CSCI 161/162, 255.  High school level. 
Amit Yadav Stat 231
Patrick Bowen

100 level Math, 221, 222, 223, 236, 253, 267, 367,

384, 481.  100/200 level Stats courses. 

Luke McDonah Math 102, Calculus I/II, high school level courses
Liam Johnston

Calculus I/II, Math 253, 254, 267, 277.  Stat 101, 231

CSCI 161/162, 255 and 275.  High School level.  

Bhavik Bhagat Stat courses, High school math courses
Kimberly May Math 105, High School level

Additional Resources:

  • For FREE tutoring, the following services are available: The department conducts a Math, Stats and Computer Science Learning Center. The hours can be found at the following website: learning-centre
  • Also, The Math/Stats and Computer Science Society will host a tutorial every Monday from 5pm to 7pm in Mulroney Hall 4024. 
  • Contact the Student Success Centre for additional help/services.