Graduate Studies Theses

Reinforcement Learning-Based Dynamic Slack Sharing DVFS Technique for Real-Time Systems  Ashraf Uddin 2020 MSC Man Lin
Support Multi-Mode Tensor Machine for Multiple Classification Zhenchao Ma 2020 MSC Laurence Yang
Man Lin
Machine Learning Design: Optimizing Performance and Stability with Novel Validation and Evaluation Techniques Bryan Ewenson 2020 MSC Jacob Levman
The Optimized Block Lanczos Algorithm over GF(2) for Integer Factorization Md Sazzad Hussain  2020 MSC Laurence Yang
A Generalized Tool For Deriving Connectomes in Support Of Computational Neuroscience David Mattie 2020 MSC Jacob Levman
Canny SLIC to Compute Content-Sensitive Superpixels Yousef Abu Baker 2019 MSC Iker Gondra
Transforming Graph-based Models with Open World Assumption(OWA) Tanjia Akter 2019 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Yngve Lamo
Power Optimization with Double-Q Reinforcement Learning Method in Multicore Systems Hui Huang 2018 MSC Man Lin
Learning Based Power Management for Periodic Real-time Systems Fakhruddin Muhammad Mahbub-ul-Islam  2016 MSC Man Lin
Attributed Relational Graph-Based Learning of Object Models for Object Segmentation Nasreen Akter  2016 MSC Iker Gondra
Design and Development of a Tool Suite for Service Enabled Workflow Md Mostafijur Raham Hira 2016 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Parallel Inconsistency-tolerant Description Logic Reasoning Md Mokarrom Hossain 2016 MSC Wendy MacCaull
A Framework For Context Aware Service Discovery And Service Enabled Workflow Altaf Hussain  2016 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Yngve Lamo
Classifying Imbalanced Drug Discovery Data Using Adaptively Chosen K & K Weighted k-nearest Neighbour Fateha Bappee 2014 MSC Xu Sunny Wang
Insights of top-k query in duty-cycled wireless sensor networks Chunsheng Zhu 2012 MSC Laurence Yang
A tableau-based workflow verification framework for computation tree logic (CTL) Zahid Islam 2012 MSC Wendy MacCaull
A Scheduling Service Oriented Approach for Workflow Scheduling Conan Fan Li 2012 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Learning Spatial Relations for Object-Specific Segmentation Using Bayesian Network Model Fahim Irfan Alam 2012 MSC Iker Gondra
Scalable reasoning over large ontologies  Md Rokan Faruqui 2012 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Verification of Time-Constrained Workflows in a Distributed Memory Environment Ahmed Mashiyat 2011 MSC Wendy MacCaull
An Improved Parallel Block Lanczos Algorithm over GF(2) for Integer Factorization  Alice Ying Huang 2011 MSC Laurence Yang
Static and Reliability Aware Energy Management in Real-Time Systems  Yongwen Pan 2011 MSC Man Lin
A personalized access control framework for work-flow based healthcare information Nazia Leyla 2011 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Design, Development and Verification of a Compensable Workflow Modeling Language Rabbie Fazle 2011 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Timed BDICTL Verification of Ontalogy Driven Workflow in a Shared Memory Environment  Keith Miller 2010 MSC Wendy MacCaull
Parallell Block Wiedemann-based GNFS Algorithms for Interger Fractorization - on file Alen Gaoyuan Huang 2010 MSC Laurence Yang
Power-Aware Fixed Priority Real-Time Scheduling for Multicore Processors - on file Leo Liu Yang 2010 MSC Man Lin
Adaptive Mean Shift-Based Image Segmentation Using Multiple Instance Learning Tao Xu 2009 MSC Iker Gondra
A Real Time Motion Monitoring System  Cheng Ding 2009 MSC Man Lin
Parallell Block Lanczos-based GNFS Algorithms for Interger Factorization Tony Li Xu 2008 MSC Laurence Yang
An Inconsistency Tolerant Approach to Ontalogy Merging Fahim Imam 2008 MSC Wendy MacCaull/Margie Kennedy
Workflow Verification for Health Care Jeffrey Dallien 2007 MSC Wendy MacCaull, Man Lin