Summer Research Opportunities

Summer Research Opportunities 

Summer Research Opportunities in Computer Science

Every year many students completing their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of university studies enhance their education by spending a summer working for a member of the Department of Computer Science as a student research assistant. If you are interested in working for a faculty member of the Department of Computer Science over the coming summer, then you are encouraged to contact a potential supervisor directly and promptly. Information on the faculty members and their research interests is available at: 
Potential supervisors will be prepared to give project descriptions to students that may be interested in working for them and will be available to students that want to come and talk about their research. 

Students who wish to apply for the NSERC USRA (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Undergraduate Student Research Assistantship), Irving Mentorship Program: Student Summer Research Internship, and University Council for Research, and NSHRF Scotia Scholar awards should visit the Undergraduate Research Page to review the deadlines. You may express interest for the Dr. H. Stanley and Doreen Alley Heaps Chair in Computing Science Undergraduate Summer Internships at any time, but the sooner the better. The Heaps Internships are only for students with a major in computer science. These provide a significant amount of funding for students of high academic standing. Students with an 80+ average who are interested in working in the Department of Computer Science or in the USRA or Heaps Internships should contact a potential supervisor by the above deadline, as there are a few steps to preparing the application that cannot be done at a moment’s notice.

For more information on funding opportunities visit the website 

Priority for hiring will be given to 3rd year students, students with previous NSERC USRA's, and students with previous research experience. In all cases, priority will be given to students who have potential for research work in computer science.