Why a degree in CS at X

Why a degree in CS at X?
Welcome to Computer Science at StFX, where students undertake studies that offer a well-rounded education in the science of computing. Computer Science (CS) spans a broad range from theory to practice to cutting- edge inventions. CS makes graduates aware of new technologies and new ideas and is a foundation for many different computing careers. As a discipline, CS lies at the intersection of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, but it also has very strong ties to other disciplines.
There are many sub areas (e.g., artificial intelligence, databases, game development, graphics, high- performance computing, networking, programming languages, robotics, security, etc.) within the broader discipline of CS, with new areas being created as the discipline evolves.

Career Options
Computer Science jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. CS is very often associated with innovation, and developments in computing tend to drive it. Most analysts predict that the number of people trained for jobs in the computing industry will fall far short of the employment demand. As a result of this shortfall, job prospects for graduates in CS are expected to remain excellent.

The First Year
In Computer Science, 100-level studies include an Introduction to Programming and Data Structures, which focuses on problem analysis, algorithm development, data representation and control structures. A common misconception is that Computer Science is equivalent to programming. Programming is a necessary tool, but it is not the focus. Thus, after completing 100-level studies, the transformation from a programmer to a Computer Scientist begins.

Degree Choices
At StFX, students can pursue a Major, Advanced Major or Honours degree in Computer Science, and B.Sc. Advanced Major in Computer Science and Business. There is also the possibility of an industrial internship, or participation in a co-op program offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Business. The Department of Computer Science at StFX also offers both a research-based Master's of Science (MSc) in Computer Science and a course-based Master's of Applied Science (MASc) in Computer Science. Many faculty members hold National Sciences and Engineering Research Council grants and are very active in research. Together, they provide an education in Computer Science that rivals all other Canadian universities—one that produces high-achievers who are well-suited to graduate studies and industry.