Stand Alone Courses

St. Francis Xavier University is pleased to offer a series of specialty nursing courses to Post-RN students through distance education. Designed specifically for practicing nurses, these courses enable nurses to develop a stronger theory base and support the integration of new knowledge into their nursing practice.

Each course is fully transferable into the StFX Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is accepted at many other institutions. Students may also choose to complete these courses in combination with other specific courses to obtain a clinical specialty certificate.

These specialty courses may be taken by students currently enrolled in the Post-RN BScN Program, as well as those preparing to enroll in a baccalaureate nursing program or nurses simply wanting to take a single course for personal or professional interest.

Courses Available

Please note that each of the following courses has a value of 3 credits and is delivered over a 10-week period or 6 credits and delivered over 20 weeks. The mode of delivery will include a distance learning package (online delivery ultilizing a learning management system).

• DNUR 483: Hospice Palliative Care – print based - (3 credit)
• DNUR 488: Challenges in Aging: Implications for Nursing – (3 credit)
• DNUR 471 Forensic Nursing I –  (3 credit)​
• DNUR 472 Forensic Nursing II –  (3 credit)
• DNUR 497: Computers in Nursing – (3 credit)

Please refer to section 9.28 of the StFX Academic Calendar for course descriptions.


A current RN registration and one year clinical experience are required for all of the specialty courses. For more information on registration and fees regarding these courses please contact the Program Office.