NOTICE: Submissions for the spring/summer term, 2020 will be considered in July, 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Researchers should be thinking about their protocols. Please talk to the Senior Animal and Plant Care Technician about any requirements for space in the Animal Care Facility.

NOTICE: Please note that as of January 1st, 2011 all users intending to use invertebrates in research or teaching in J. Bruce Brown will have to complete the new invertebrate form and submit it to the Senior Animal Care Technician on the same deadlines as all other forms (due September 30th). This new reporting form is for protocols with a Category of Invasiveness Level A ONLY. If your protocol requires a different category of invasiveness then you will have to complete the normal animal use protocol form.

NOTICE: Please note that as of September 30th, 2010 all Principal Investigators will have to complete their animal user training certification (regardless of their level of involvement in animal handling) in order to receive animal use protocol approval.

NOTICE: Please note the deadline for resubmission or finalization of protocols has changed. Users now must resubmit or finalize (make minor changes and get signatures) a protocol within 2 weeks from the date they were notified of the animal care committee's decision.

New Animal Use Protocol Forms (AUPF) have been created, please choose the appropriate form and its accompanying instruction guide.

Important Notes:

  • AUPF should be reviewed by all participating investigators prior to electronic submission to animal care.
  • Any person that will require space in the animal care facility should speak with the Senior Animal Care Technician (x2126) prior to protocol submission.
  • As per CCAC guidelines and university protocol all research animal use protocols must have undergone a peer-review process for scientific merit prior to consideration for approval by the animal care committee. If your project has not yet undergone a peer-review process for scientific merit then please contact animal care as soon as possible.
  • If you require any assistance in filing out the new protocol forms or have would like more information on any aspect of animal care and use then please do not hesitate to contact either the Animal Care Committee Coordinator or the Senior Animal Care Technician (x2126).
  • The animal use protocol review process is as follows:
    • All submitted protocols will be reviewed by the animal care committee (ACC) coordinator or chair before being sent to the full ACC for review. The ACC Coordinator or Chair may suggest changes to your protocol prior to sending it out for review.
    • The ACC will meet, usually within a few weeks of the submission deadline, to discuss and render a decision on your protocol. 
    • Shortly after the meeting, usually within the next few days, you will be informed of the ACC decision by the coordinator. You will be given a hardcopy of your protocol that has the ACC's comments or concerns written on it. A copy of this amended protocol will be filed with animal care until the protocol has been finalized.
    • You then have 2 weeks to finalize (make minor changes, get signatures, etc.), to rewrite and resubmit your protocol, or begin the appeal process.
    • Finalized protocols will be signed by the ACC Chair (making them an active, valid protocol) then filed with animal care and the University. You will be given a copy of this signed protocol for your files.
    • If you have to resubmit your protocol, the review process is the same but the timeline is expedited (e.g. the committee will meet within a week of your re-submission).
    • How to Appeal a decision of the Animal Care Committee - In the event that the Animal Care Committee (ACC) does not approve a protocol, the primary investigator may launch an appeal of the ACC’s decision to the Academic Vice-President (Research) in accordance with Section 5.7 of the CCAC Policy Statement for senior administrators responsible for animal care and use programs (2008). The Academic Vice President, AVP-research and the Dean of Science in consultation with the ACC Chair shall undertake this review jointly and their majority decision shall be final.    Forward all relevant documentation including a copy of the rejected protocol and a letter explaining why the decision of the committee should be overturned to the AVP-Research.  The joint review will be held in a timely manner and the final decision communicated to the ACC Chair, ACC Coordinator, and the Primary Investigator.