Heaps Chair Endowment

The principal objective of the residual bequest directed to StFX as stated in the will of Dr. H. Stanley Heaps is “to benefit academic programs at the university and it is not to be used for sport, entertainment or institutes not directly connected with mainstream academic programs.”   That bequest will form part of the Dr. H. Stanley and Doreen Alley Heaps Endowment Fund, which was established at Dr. Heaps’ death June 12, 1999.  A further legacy will be added to this fund by his wife, Doreen Alley Heaps.

It is intended that an endowment fund of approximately $1 million will create the Dr. H. Stanley & Doreen Alley Heaps Chair which will carry out the wishes of Dr. H. Stanley Heaps and Doreen Alley Heaps by providing for the support, exploration, and advancement of computing science at StFX in certain specific ways.   

Further, it is the intention of the principal benefactors that the Fund be directed to the support of individuals, be they scholars or students, and not for equipment or buildings and not to fund full-time faculty.  The intention is to keep the fund working on the edge rather than in support of established structure; that support is the function of the university as a whole or of the state.

The Dr. H. Stanley and Doreen Alley Heaps Chair will be concentrated in two areas:

  1. Support for the scholarly pursuit of computing science
  2. Scholarships and summer internships for computing science students.

Heaps Endowment Terms of Reference