B.Sc. Joint Honours

In the second year of study, a student must declare a major area of study.  There are various options available to you in the Joint Honours Degree program.  The most recent version of Section 7 of the Academic Calendar lists the admission and advancement requirements for the various program options in the Faculty of Science.

The declaration form that needs to be completed is

B.Sc. Joint Honours

The following are worksheets indicating the course patterns for Joint Honours in Science A and Science B.

Biology and Computer Science
Biology and Mathematics

Chemistry and Computer Science
Chemistry and Mathematics

Computer Science and Biology
Computer Science and Chemistry
Computer Science and Earth Sciences
Computer Science (Computing) and Physics
Computer Science (Analytics) and Physics

Earth Sciences and Computer Science
Earth Sciences and Mathematics

Mathematics and Biology
Mathematics and Chemistry
Mathematics and Earth Sciences
Mathematics and Physics

Physics and Computer Science (Computing)
Physics and Computer Science (Analytics)

If your particular combination is not listed, please consult with the respective Chairs of the two Departments. Any questions on the Joint Honours program can be directed to the Chairs of the respective Departments.