About Development Studies

The Development Studies Program is designed for undergraduate students who want to learn about community development theories and practices in the Global South, Canada, and the Atlantic region.

Why take Development Studies @ StFX?

The Development Studies Program at StFX grows out of the rich tradition of the Antigonish Movement, a social movement grounded in community-based social and economic development. Our program teaches students about development in Atlantic Canada and other parts of the world and it gives students the unique opportunity to work with both University faculty and development professionals from the Coady International Institute. While at StFX you will meet community leaders from Africa, Asia and Latin America enrolled in programs at the Coady International Institute and you may choose to visit a community development project in countries such as Cuba, Mexico or Jamaica on an immersion service learning trip. Whatever you do, you will leave StFX with a deeper understanding of the world, development theory and practice, and the skills you need to apply this knowledge.

Development Studies expertise @ StFX

The StFX Development Studies Program is designed to give students flexibility and to use expertise found throughout the university campus. The designated courses that complement and supplement the development studies core courses come from a variety of departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science. In addition, students taking development studies core courses are instructed by StFX faculty as well as development professionals teaching at the The Coady International Institute.

Students pursuing a BA degree in development studies at StFX can tap into resources in various parts of the campus such as:

The The Coady International Institute, a world-renowned as a centre of excellence in community-based development located on the StFX campus, is a unique resource for students interested in exploring other countries and cultures. For almost 50 years thousands of community leaders have traveled from around the world to attend the Coadys campus-based programs. Development studies students meet Coady participants from around the world and are taught by development professionals on the Coady's teaching staff.

Service Learning at StFX is an innovative way to integrate experiential learning, academic study and community service. Through course-based service learning, students are involved in local community-based development projects while immersion service trips take students to developing countries to learn about communities abroad.

About St. Francis Xavier University

StFX offers students an undergraduate education in a rural setting known world-wide for its beauty and the friendliness of its people. The social justice tradition of the university means that students have many opportunities to see and meet scholars and community activists who come to Antigonish from around the world to present seminars on subjects of local and global importance. Small class sizes and dedicated faculty mean an excellent and personalized education.

Career paths for students graduating with a DEVS degree.