DEVS 391

Do you wonder how we, as every day citizens and future practitioners, can have an impact on the world around us? How we might actually address some of the critical issues facing our communities and natural environment?

Then DEVS 391 might be the course for you! New to the Development Studies program this year, this special topics course will take a close look at how citizens engage with social movements and civil society (such as NGOs and advocacy organizations) to help change policies, societies, and the world around us. In this course we look at theory based on observed practice and concrete examples of social movement and civil society activities to see how these do (and do not) influence change. This course is designed to help us better understand what counts in the long path to a better world, give us hope that we can make a difference, and to give students some of the tools to play a part – whether professionally or personally – in changing the crises and atrocities around us.  


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