Recent Graduates (2015-2022)




BA with Honours in Development Studies with a Subsidiary:


2021-2022       Lumsden, Monica Jane (Thesis: “Sustainable Development Theory and Practice: Trade-Offs on the Path to Sustainability” (Burnett))                   


2020-2021       MacIsaac, Alexandra Monique (Thesis: “Agroecology: A Necessary Food System Response to the Climate Crisis” (Burnett))

Oduboye, Ephraim Matuluko (Thesis: “The Role of Translocal Learning: Partners not Leaders: Social Movements Using the Internet in Facilitating Knowledge Exchanges Across Communities during a Pandemic” (Langdon)

Strickland, Adelaide Acadia (Thesis: The Stories We Tell: How Small Town Storytelling Projects Build and Better Communities” (Langdon)


2019-2020       Archambault, Julia Mary (Thesis: “From Teepees to Treaties: Summer Camps and Reconciliation in Canada” (Fawcett) 


2017-2018       Degen, Corrine Julia Yin (Thesis: “Exploring the Implications of the Global Extractive Industry on Rural Women’s Livelihoods: Perspectives from Ghana” (Langdon)  

Harty, Caitlin Tara (Thesis: “Exploring the Backlash of Masuma Khan’s “WhiteFragilityCanKissMyAss”: Media as a Pedagogical Tool for Unpacking White Supremacy, and the Colonial Legacy in Canada”


2016-2017       MacAdam, Helen Kirsten (Thesis: “Rooting Truth in People Rather than Parties: Exploring the Impact of Community Radio in Ghana in Re-Centering Political Discourse through Subjugated Voices” (Langdon))

McLeod, Sarah Ann (Thesis: “Power With: Community Radio Creating Spaces for Self-Empowerment of a Women’s Social Movement in Ada, Ghana” (Langdon)


2015-2016       Edwards, Maggie (Thesis: “Shifting Towards Food Sovereignty: A Case Study of Power Imbalances and the Northern Farm Training Institute”        

Mitchell, Max Chisholm (Thesis: “We Thank God for the Radio: Participatory Community Radio in Ghanian Social Change Activism” (Fletcher & Langdon))

Richard, Mariah Chantal (Thesis: “Responding to and Preventing Sexual Violence in Paqtnkek Mi’Kmaw Nation: Learning from One Another and Building Community Capacity and Resiliency Together” (McMillan))



BA with Joint Major:


2021-2022       Penner, Alexander Kenneth


2020-2021       Doiron, Zachary Thomas

                        Hart, Thea Audrey Maria

                        Jones, Katelyn Darby

                        Miles, Victoria

                        Panchol, Priscilla Nyiel

                        Roker, Azaro De”Ablo


2019-2020       Felix. Tiana Faith


2018-2019       Wilkinson, Brendan Reed


2017-2018       Brigley, Candice Erin

                        Campbell, Kylee Brianne

                        Chisholm, Sophie Grace

                        Frame, Justine Mary

                        Hessouth, Nancy Hope

                        Hunt, Stephanie Nicole

                        Jodrey, Makayla Anne Grace

                        Koller, Maya Grace

                        LeBlanc Rachel Marie


2016-2017       Brunner, Rebecca Kristina

                        De Cesare, Teia Rachel Minnie

                        Dobson, John Paul

                        Duguay, Ashley Britanny Carol

                        Harrison, Brooke Kimberly

                        Inzinga, Mallori Anne

                        Syabeenzu, Mildred


2015-2016       Bishop, Rebecca Dawn

                        Gunn, Katelyn Lois

                        Hanson, Paige Catherine

                        Hardy, Alexa Katherine

                        Hatch, Shannon Tara

                        Hatt, Lindsay Mary

                        McOstrich, Hayley Ellen

                        Perley, Janine Dawn

                        Saffari, Alborz Alexander

                        Strong, Taylor Vaughen

                        Tait, Maggie Elizabeth Kenmir

                        Turay, Clara Sinah