Digital Strategy Development

The University recently launched an initiative to develop an institutional digital strategy. The strategy will be informed by consultation with the university community and will determine technology priorities for the coming years.  

Driven primarily by a need to improve our information systems, the project has several strategic goals including: 

  • Improving the faculty, staff and student experience 
  • Better access to self-service capabilities 
  • Improving the use of and better leveraging existing technologies 
  • Enhancing integration of systems and data 
  • Easier access to high-quality data for data-driven decision making 

A steering committee for the project has been formed and the first phase is now underway. The project is expected to be completed at the end of August. 

Thanks to those of you who’ve participated in the StFX Digital Strategy project so far. There have been many great discussions through our discover, dream, and design phases of our work together. For those who’d like to contribute more action ideas to our process, you can do so using the following Microsoft Form:

Contribute an Action Idea

This form will be available until Monday, July 4.