400 Level

ECON 401 Advanced Microeconomics

An advanced treatment of micro-economic concepts and topics, such as consumer choice and demand analysis, production technology and cost, market structure and pricing, factor markets and shares, general equilibrium and economic welfare. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 401 or ECON 412. Prerequisites: ECON 301; MATH 107 or 127 or ECON 271.

ECON 402 Advanced Macroeconomics

An advanced treatment of macroeconomic theory and how macroeconomic policy is conducted. The course offers deeper insights into economic growth processes, business cycles, international macroeconomics stabilization policies, and alternative approaches to build macroeconomic models. Students are introduced to the use of two-period models. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 402 or ECON 411. Prerequisites: ECON 302; MATH 107 or 127 or ECON 271.

ECON 415 Introduction to Game Theory

Game theory is the mathematical analysis of strategic interactions between players, such as competing firms, nations at war, or between a job-seeker and employer. This course will sharpen your ability to think strategically, and to apply game theory with clarity and precision. Applications of game theory to the real world will be studied. Prerequisite: ECON 201. 

ECON 471 Mathematical Economics

An introduction to mathematical reasoning in economics and business, this course covers; the methodology of operations research; profit and cost analysis; resource use and production decisions; input-output and macro-analysis; pricing and inventory decisions; capitalization of cash flows and growth; portfolio selection and investment. Prerequisites: MATH 107 or 127 or ECON 271.

ECON 493 Seminar

This is a capstone course designed to introduce students to current research issues in various fields of economics. Students will read and critically analyze significant historical or recent research papers, and to complete assignments related to these readings. They will also be exposed to the art of presenting research findings, as department faculty and visiting speakers will present some of their latest research. In the past, students have been exposed to topics such as: macroeconomic data revisions; economic impact of climate change; European financial integration; matching models; and the economics of the non-profit sector. 

ECON 494 Thesis

Each student works under the supervision of a professor who guides the selection of a thesis topic, the use of resources, and the methodological component, and the quality of analysis. Restricted to honours students.

ECON 499 Directed Study

A directed study course in advanced topics in economics. See section 3.5. Students wishing to take this course must consult the department chair. Three credits