Jonathan Rosborough

Jonathan Rosborough

Associate Professor & Chair
3063 Mulroney Hall
(902) 867-4910


Ph.D.: University of Western Ontario

Research Fields:
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Economics of Nonprofit Organizations


Recent Publications


  • Malloy, B., Ozkok, Z. & Rosborough, J. The Impact of Immigration Attitudes on Voting Preferences: Evidence from the European Social Survey. Int. Migration & Integration (2021). 
  • C. Hajzler and J. Rosborough (2016) Government Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment Under the Threat of Expropriation. Bank of Canada Staff Working Paper No. 2016-13, March, 42 pp.
  • J. Rosborough (2015) A Theory of Congregational Giving. Journal of Public Economic Theory 17(2), 270 - 295.
  • J. Rosborough (2012) On the Robustness of Strategic Experimentation to Persuasive Cheap Talk. Theoretical Economics Letters 2(5), 524 - 529.