Patrick Withey

Patrick Withey

Associate Professor
3067 Mulroney Hall
(902) 867-3661


Ph.D.: University of Victoria

Research Fields:
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics; Ecological Economics; Agricultural Economics and Applied Econometrics


Recent Publications

  • Sharma, C., Lantz, V., Withey, P., McMonagle, G., & Ochuodho, T. O. (2022). Economic and CO2 impacts of alternative power sources for electricity generation by 2040 in New Brunswick, Canada. Journal of Cleaner Production, 131170. 
  • MacDougall, A. H., Rogelj, J., & Withey, P. (2021). Estimated climate impact of replacing agriculture as the primary food production system. Environmental Research Letters, 16(12), 125010.
  • Withey, P., Sharma, C., Lantz, V., McMonagle, G., and Ochuodho, T. O. (2021). Economy- wide and CO2 impacts of carbon taxes and output-based pricing in New Brunswick, Canada. Applied Economics, 1-18. 
  • van Kooten, G.C., P. Withey, and C.M.T. Johnston (2021). Climate urgency and the timing of carbon fluxes. Biomass and Bioenergy 151: 106162.
  • Gallant, K., P. Withey, D. Risk, G.C. van Kooten and L. Spafford (2020). Measurement and economic valuation of carbon sequestration in Nova Scotian wetlands. Ecological Economics, 171, p.106-619.
  • Withey, P., Johnston, C. & Guo, J. (2019). Quantifying the global warming potential of carbon dioxide emissions from bioenergy wtih carbon capture and storageRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 115, 109-408. 
  • Van Kooten, G. C., Withey, P. & Duan, J. (2020). How big a battery? Renewable Energy 146, 196-204.
  • Withey, P., Sullivan, D. & Lantz, V. (2019). Willingness to pay for protection from storm surge damages under climate change in Halifax Regional MunicipalityJournal of Environmental Management 241, 44 - 52.
  • Withey, P., Lantz, V., Ochuodho, T. O., Patriquin, M. N., Wilson, J. & Kennedy, M. (2017). Economic impacts of conservation area strategies in Alberta, Canada: A CGE model analysis. Journal of Forest Economics 33, 33 - 40.
  • Millard, R., Withey, P., Lantz, V., & Ochuodho, T. O. (2017). The General Equilibrium Costs and Impacts of Oil Price Shocks in Newfoundland and Labrador. Energy Economics 68, 192 - 198.
  • Johnston, C. M. T. and P Withey (2017). Managing Forests for Carbon and Timber: A Markov Decision Model of Uneven-aged Forest Management With Risk. Ecological Economics 138, 31-39.
  • Ochuodho, Thomas O., C. M. T. Johnston, and Patrick Withey (2017). Assessing economic impacts of internet adoption through reduced pulp and paper demand. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 47(10), 1381 - 1391.
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  • Withey, P., Lantz, V. A., & Ochuodho, T. O. (2016). Economic costs and impacts of climate-induced sea-level rise and storm surge in Canadian coastal provinces: a CGE approach. Applied Economics 48(1), 59 - 71.
  • Withey, P (2014). Energy Use, Income and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Direct and Multi- Horizon Causality in Canada. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy 4(2), 178 - 188.