Research Seminars

Fall 2019 Schedule 

Seminars are held on Fridays from 3:45 to 5:00PM in MULH 3022. These are formal (and sometimes technical) research seminars where recent findings are presented. Students and faculty from any department are welcome to attend.

Date Presenter Topic / Title
6 Sept Bank of Canada Career Opportunities for Economics Students
13 Sept

Joniada Milla
(Saint Marys University)

"(Un)Intended Consequences of a Teacher Performance Pay Program"

20 Sept

Casey Warman
(Dalhousie University)

"Determinants of Alcohol Use"

11 Oct Justin Kakeu
(University of Prince Edward Island)
"Do Better Institutions Broaden Access to Sanitation in sub-Sahara Africa?"
25 Oct Fraser Summerfield
(StFX Economics)
"Family Background and the Inheritance of Opportunity in 19th Century Canada"

1 Nov

Patrick Withey
(StFX Economics)
8 Nov Diana Alessandrini
(StFX Economics)
15 Nov Brandon Malloy
(StFX Economics)

29 Nov

Greg Tkacz
(StFX Economics)

"Direct Evidence from Payments System Data on Consumer Purchase Reimbursements"