Our Department is proud of St. FX’s commitment to student development and, in keeping with this tradition, is characterized by the effort to fuse energetic, current research and the commitment to teaching excellence in order to be able to offer students courses and degree patterns that foreground the historical diversity and contemporary value of the broad skill set an English degree offers. 

We make every effort to see that students receive maximum individual attention. Depending on the faculty member's course allocation, professors are expected to schedule between four and six hours of office time per week for consultation with students. Students are encouraged to meet (online) with their professors to discuss assignments and exams, to explore possible future career pathways at StFX and beyond, and are encouraged to get involved in activities that take place outside the classroom. These include literary conferences, events and the production of the literary journal The Antigonish Review, readings by visiting creative writers and critical scholars, as well as events organized and hosted by students as part of the StFX English Society. Students who are interested in attending these events or becoming active in the English Society are most welcome to inquire about such opportunities.