Why take an English degree

Aside from offering students a wide variety of courses that survey a range of national literatures, historical periods, and that provide students with detailed examinations on the changing history, definitions, and function of literature, art, and culture, the degree patterns our Department offers are designed to gradually yet intensively develop students' skills as critical thinkers and writers, researchers, and active participants in our multifaceted intellectual and sociocultural environment. Beginning in year one, courses are designed to introduce students to the principles and practices of logical analysis and critique, persuasive and argumentative writing, research methodology, as well as a wide range of fundamental skills that form the basis for students' future career paths. The Department's Honours program has an excellent national reputation for producing outstanding and rigorously trained graduates, many of whom receive prestigious grants and scholarships for graduate study. In recent years, English Honours students have moved on to Master's and Doctoral programs at institutions including Simon Fraser University, The University of British Columbia, Queen's University, the University of Alberta, Harvard University, the University of Florida, and McGill University.
Other Honours students and graduates of the English Advanced Major program have found that the skills with which an English degree provided them proved invaluable for being admitted to and succeeding in professional programs in fields such as law, journalism (including work for the CBC and independent literary and graphic art presses), civic and public planning, marketing, and advertising. Yet, one does not have to move on to graduate or professional programs to benefit from an English degree. The skills and abilities English Majors will learn over the course of their degree can lead to a wide variety of exciting opportunities following graduation, and StFX English Majors have in recent years moved on to exciting careers as technical writers and speech writers, in management, mass media and publishing, as fundraisers, press secretaries and editorial assistants, market research, library science, business, industry and telecommunications, finance, and many more. Simply schedule an appointment with an English professor to discuss these options and explore the vast range of opportunities an English degree can open up. All professors will be happy to help you choose the course pattern and career path that is right for you.