Human Rights and Equity Manager

StFX Human Rights & Equity 

The Human Rights & Equity Manager works to ensure StFX is a welcoming and respectful learning, living and work community for everyone; one that respects and encourages equity and belonging. Services are available to all members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, students and visitors.

StFX prohibits discrimination and harassment on all grounds protected under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act including age, race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability or mental disability, irrational fear or contracting an illness or disease, ethnic, national or Aboriginal origin, family status, marital status, source of income, political belief, affiliation or activity.

Services provided by the Human Rights Manager include:

  • Information, advice and assistance to all students, faculty and staff regarding discrimination and harassment;
  • Informal complaint resolution;
  • Trauma-informed formal complaint investigation;
  • Education and training for faculty, staff and students on discrimination, harassment, diversity and equality;
  • Promotion of a climate on campus that is welcoming of diversity and respectful of differences

Any member of StFX University who believes they are being harassed or discriminated against can contact the Human Rights Manager to discuss their concerns and review options for resolving the matter.

Requests for education or training on issues of discrimination, harassment, diversity and equity are welcome. See the Learning Opportunities tab for more information


Megan Fogarty, Manager, Human Rights & Equity

Megan Fogarty

Manager, Human Rights & Equity

306A Bloomfield