Navigating the Harassment and Discrimination Policy

The following videos highlight key aspects of the Harassment and Discrimination Policy. The videos are not exhaustive, and it is important to have a copy of the policy on hand. The Harassment and Discrimination policy can be found here.  

To disclose an incident, contact the Human Rights Education and Response Advocate:


Purpose, scope, and policy fundamentals

Explore the purpose of the Policy,  who the policy covers, and how the policy interacts with other key policies at StFX. This video will also cover policy fundamentals.



This video covers seven definitions that are important in fully understanding the policy.


I have experienced harassment and discrimination

This video reviews options complainants have to resolve their concerns    

I need to respond to a complaint made against me

This video covers the processes available to individuals who need to respond to a complaint of harassment and Discrimination


Investigation Process

Review the basics of the investigation process and what is expected of parties involved in the formal resolution process. 


Investigator's report

This video explains the details that need to be contained in the investigator''s report as defined by the policy


Decision by the Responsible Authority

Explore how the Policy guides the decision of the Responsible Authority