Equity Advisory Committee Mandate


Equality Mandate


-to promote educational and workplace equity across the University,  including specific actions as a committee of equity allies

-to maintain communication between the various University constituency groups and the Committee

-to advise and assist the Coordinator in formulating annual work plan, policies and program development 

-to provide information and guidance to the Coordinator on issues of relevance to the mandate of the Equity Office

-to assist with ongoing equity awareness, education and training programs  among all University constituencies

-to support the work of the Coordinator 

Expectations of EAC Members

-to treat each other with respect

-to endeavour to work as Allies

-to incorporate the vision and practice of equity in our dealings with others across the University

-to participate in ongoing Committee meetings and activities, for example Ally education and team-building sessions

-to hold in confidence any discussion or business of the Committee as may be  required to protect rights to confidentiality or privacy