Snow Removal

Snow Removal Priorities                                                                                               January 9, 2016v

Scenario:  10 – 20 cm snow, light wind (ie no drifting), -5 to -10 C, storm ended by 5:00am (on weekday). (assumes University open for regular business).

Snow/ice removal on streets and parking lots is completed by a contractor.  There are six (6) kilometers of streets/roadways  and fifteen (15) parking lots on campus (1300+ parking spots).  It is FM’s objective to have all streets and (no overnight) parking lots cleared by 7:30am.

Snow/ice removal on sidewalks and walkways is completed by internal crew using a trackless plow.  A travel distance of nineteen (19) kilometers is required to complete one pass on all sidewalks and walkways on campus.  Main sidewalk and walkway arteries are cleared by 8:00am. It is FM’s objective to have all secondary sidewalks and walkways cleared by 12 noon.

Snow/ice removal on stairs, entrances/steps and ramps is manually shovelled by internal grounds crew (including casual labour).  There are 250 locations (ie stairs, entrances and ramps) which require manual snow/ice removal.

Manual snow removal priorities:

Completed by 7:00am:  All main entrances/steps and ramps in Morrison Hall, AL Macdonald Library, Keating Centre, Oland & Aquatic Centre, Bloomfield Centre, Mockler Hall and Daycare.  Includes MSB (pub) stairs (from St. Ninian Street to MSB), Library stairs (to Martha Drive), stairs between Library and Schwartz and stairs between PSC and Bauer.  Any accessibility route.   (35 locations).

Completed by 8:00am:  All remaining main entrances/steps and ramps (Academic & Residence Buildings).  Includes stairs between NH and Library (3 sets), stairs (2) north end of Gilmora and Annex stairs (2). (80 locations).

Completed by 11:00am:  All secondary entrances/steps and ramps in Academic Buildings. Includes stairs on west side of Bloomfield (stairway to heaven) and north of McKenna Centre (to St. Ninian Street). (64 locations).

Completed by 12 noon:  All secondary entrances/steps and ramps in Residences and Service buildings. (74 locations).

The last priority is manual snow/ice removal at fire hydrants, catch basins (on hardscapes) and roofs.  The priority of this item may increase depending on risk factors such as total accumulation from previous storm(s) and/ or weather forecast.