Current Updates

The Faculty Mentoring program normally begins in the Fall term of each academic year.  For the 2015/2016 Academic year, the contact person of the FDC is Elizabeth Munroe emunroe@stfx.ca.

This program was run during the 2014/2015 Academic Year, under the supervision and organization of Angie Kolen from Human Kinetics. 


Faculty Mentoring Program

The Faculty Development Committee recognizes that the first few years in a new academic position can be daunting. In your new role, you may be responsible for developing teaching materials, establishing a program of research, supervising students, and serving on committees, etc. In an effort to help you in this role, we have established a mentoring program.


Benefits of Faculty Mentoring

As a new faculty member, what can the faculty mentorship program at STFXU do for you? A personalized and supportive relationship with an experienced colleague can:

  • Expedite career development
  • Engender a sense of belonging
  • Enrich teaching and research quality
  • Enliven collegiality
  • Effect a balanced work-life
  • Enhance job satisfaction

Mentors and New Faculty

For the purposes of the Mentorship program, “new faculty” means all tenure-track or limited- term professors, including stipendiary appointments, who identify themselves as a potential beneficiary of teaching support. Mentors are StFX Faculty who already have tenure and who can guide and advise their newer colleagues.


What Do Mentors and New Faculty Do?

Mentors guide and support new faculty associates through a variety of means: regular meetings, discussion and feedback. Mentors provide support; they convey culture, traditions, and values. They are listeners, role models, leaders, sounding boards, advisors and resources.

For their part, new faculty associates direct the mentorship relationship by asking questions and raising concerns about their teaching. They must be open, willing and prepared to discuss teaching, meet regularly with their Mentors, and seek and heed feedback. The frequency and nature of meetings is up to each pair to decide.



We would like to hear from those of you who are interested in being matched with a mentor. As you embark on your academic career, a little informal support can go a long way! If you are interested in participating in this program or if you would like more information about the program, please contact:

Millie Dunbar by e-mail at mdunbar@stfx.ca.