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3M National Student Fellowship


Congratulations to Devon Parris for being invited to the 2021 3M National Student Fellowship!

Devon is a fourth-year student from Kingston, Ontario, studying English at St. Francis Xavier University. He is a former varsity athlete and one of six inaugural recipients of the Frank Mckenna Centre for Leadership’s inaugural Racial Justice Leadership Grant—a grant designed to support advocacy, outreach, and research projects by BIPOC students in the area of racial justice. Devon’s project is the “Anti-Racist Film Review”—a film review site that analyzes anti-racist discourse within film while critiquing superficial, exploitive, and misrepresentations of contemporary racism. Devon hopes to create a more educated audience for anti-racist film and anti-racist discourse, while also highlighting narratives that portray oppression with nuance and depth. In the last year and a half, Devon has been a guest panelist on the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government’s 2020 Election Panel, involved in planning StFX’s 2022 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Summit (a conference that spotlights BIPOC academics and students in Atlantic Canada), and also appeared at national and regional undergraduate conferences to discuss anti-racist discourse in film. Following his undergraduate studies, Devon plans to pursue either a master’s degree in critical race theory or attend Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law with the goal of contributing towards racial justice in Canada.

2020 Recipients 

Adelaide Strickland
Development Studies and English | Études du développement et anglais
St. Francis Xavier University | Université St. Francis Xavier

Claire Ainslie MacDougall
Physics and Mathematics | Physique et mathématiques
St. Francis Xavier University | Université St. Francis Xavier

Emma Kuzmyk
English and Political Science | Anglais et sciences politiques
St. Francis Xavier University | Université St. Francis Xavier

2015 3M National Teaching Fellow


Dr. Ann Bigelow

Ann Bigelow is Canada’s godmother of Service Learning, a teaching method that combines theory with reflective practice. Students participating in Service Learning complete a placement in the community either at home or abroad, such as working on fair-trade coffee projects, tilling community gardens, or facilitating English lessons. They learn first-hand about history, politics and culture; they see their own communities differently, and for many their participation in service learning, either course-based or immersion, is the defining change point of their university experience

2010 3M National Teaching Fellow


Dr. Angie Kolen

Angie is an activist and personal role model who was the most influential force during my time at St. FX.” Many students echo this view, saying they have been inspired, even transformed, by this charismatic teacher of human kinetics who embodies and celebrates their own aspiration to wellness, energetic enquiry, and social engagement. She lives out her university’s traditional commitment to service-learning and social justice, as she challenges her students to become advocates for health promotion in their communities and in the world.