Take it Up a Notch Teaching Grants

Goal: The overall goal of these grants it to support ongoing innovation in teaching and learning at STFX. A particular emphasis is on improving student learning experiences by ensuring all students are reflected and respected in our course content – especially Indigenous students (and even more specifically, Mi’kmaq students), Black students, students who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, and international students.

Process: Successful applicants will work with the Teaching & Learning Centre (Coordinator and Summer Students) over a 6-month period to cultivate their idea and plan for implementation in the fall term. 

Eligibility: Tenured or tenure-track StFX faculty are eligible to apply. Part-time academic instructors or limited-term faculty who have at least one year remaining in their contract are also eligible to apply. 

Expected reporting/sharing: Successful applicants will be required to create and submit a brief report that summarizes the changes made to their courses prior to the start of the fall academic term. Successful grant applicants will also be invited to share their learning in a panel at an upcoming Teaching Retreat. Finally, successful grant applicants are recommended to provide further follow up regarding how the changes made to their courses influenced their teaching and the students’ learning experience via a ‘coffee break’ chat, brown bag lunch, or other informal format, and/or more formally at a teaching conference.

The total Take it Up a Notch Teaching Grant funds to be allocated are $4,000.00 per year. The maximum funding per teaching grant project is $3,000. 

To apply for this grant: Submit the Take it Up a Notch Teaching Grant Application on or before February 1, 2023.

Information required for this grant application:

  1. Name, faculty/school, department, rank, position, co-applicant’s information (if applicable)
  2. Course(s) involved: name, number, calendar description, required/elective, number of students, frequency
  3. Why are you interested in making changes to this course(s)? What changes do you think are needed in this course(s)?
  4. Proposed budget: possible types of expenditures include Undergraduate Assistants, Other Research Assistants, Library Resources, Travel and Subsistence, Expendable Supplies, Meeting Costs, Other (please specify).

Selection Criteria:
•    Applications must be complete.
•    Rationale for application must be relevant to the goals of the Take it Up a Notch teaching grant.
•    The application must be expected to have a positive impact on teaching and learning at StFX.

Direct any questions to Jack Rice, Interim Coordinator, T&L Centre.