Book an Appointment

Student Appointments

Students may book an appointment with a member of the StFX Financial Aid Office using the online booking service available here: BOOK NOW

Appointment types:

  • Telephone 
  • Online Teams meeting
  • In Person  

Students are generally able to book same day or within 24 hour appointment times dependent upon their personal schedules and staff availability. 

Walk-In Service: 

  • Walk-in service without an appointment will be available on Thursday afternoons from 1:00-4:00 pm only.
  • Service will be provided on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Students must complete the sign in sheet available at the front entrance of the Office of the Registrar upon arrival. 


Additional Supports

Telephone Service: 902-867-2301 or 902-867-2374

  • Calls are answered pending staff availability; students are encouraged to book a telephone appointment for a specific time to ensure availability.
  • If you need to leave a message, please include the following:
    • your name and StFX ID number
    • a call back number
    • a brief description of the matter you need to speak to us about
  • Please do not leave multiple messages about the same matter; all calls will be returned in sequence in the order received.

Email Service:

  • Please include your StFX ID number and a brief description of your request or question.
  • Requests for documents such as a Financial Aid Office Grade Report or section E of a part time funding application will be processed and sent to your StFX email account only; documents will not be sent to a private email address.
  • All students are encouraged to contact us via their StFX email account.

Drop Off of Forms:

  • We understand you may have hard copy forms that you require our office to complete for your student loan program. There is a secure drop box available at the entrance to the Office of the Registrar for you to leave these forms for us. 
  • Ensure you fully complete any student sections on the form before dropping it off; forms with missing student information will not be completed.
  • The Financial Aid Office will complete the institutional section(s) of the form and then return it as per the submission directives of the loan program:
    • if the form is to be returned to you to personally submit to your loan program, a scanned copy of the completed form will be sent to you via your StFX email account and the original will be kept on file within the Financial Aid Office;
    • if the form is to be submitted directly to the loan program by our office, we will submit and send a confirmation email to your StFX account that this has been done, the original will be kept on file within the Financial Aid Office.