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Budgeting Calculator

The cost of attending StFX depends on a number of factors including the program you have chosen and the number of courses that you take.  Here are some things to know when using the calculator:  

  1. Fees vary by program.  For a detailed breakdown, please refer to Student Fees.  Tuition and fees provided are based on rates for 2022-23, as information only.
  2. Residents of Nova Scotia may be eligible for a NS Tuition bursary of up to $1,283 for the 2022-23 academic year. 
  3. The amount for books and supplies will vary depending on program and course selection.
  4. Residence room rates may vary due to occupancy changes made for social distancing protocols and student safety for the 2022-23 academic year. Rates provided are for informational purposes only.

Note:  This calculator does not confirm your enrolment or your account balance.  Students should always check their account balance in mesAMIS or contact Student Accounts for the amount owing. Estimated priced displayed in Canadian Dollars.

To use this calculator, scroll down to the “Enter Your Information” section. The calculator will automatically input the appropriate costs for tuition and residence based on how you answer the questions under “Tuition and Residence”. Under previous balance or resources, manually enter the amounts.

Once you have input all your information, you can scroll up and see a breakdown of the costs and resources in the “Total Costs” and “Total Resources Available” sections. A summary of the costs and resources is provided on the right hand side; it will also let you see if you have enough resources to cover your expenses.