Search Suggestions

Bursary Search Suggestions

StFX offers over a hundred different bursary awards each year to students through the Entrance, Limited and General Bursary programs. The largest of these programs is the Limited Bursary program. The following tips should help you navigate this program and apply for the awards that are best suited to you.

The central criteria of all bursaries is that applicants demonstrate financial need specific to the costs related to their studies. For some bursaries, this is the only criteria that students must meet other than fulltime enrollment and being in good academic standing. For most bursaries, additional criteria must be met and this can include a broad range of factors. Some awards have very specific criteria and may also include preference considerations as well. It is important to understand that you must meet all required criteria to be considered for a bursary, meeting a preference is not enough on its own to be considered for an award. You should only apply for bursaries for which you fully meet the criteria. The bursary programs can only run efficiently if students are genuine in their submissions.

If you would like to find bursaries for which you may be uniquely qualified, try using the following search process:

  1. Go to the complete alphabetized list of bursaries here.
  2. Press Ctrl + F to open a “Find” box at the top of the Bursary List page.
  3. Refer to the list of search terms at the bottom of this page for terms that apply to you and your situation.
  4. Enter the search term that applies to you in the “Find” box (do not include anything in parentheses). The find function will take you to each place on the page where this word appears. Read the description of each bursary to determine if you meet the criteria.
  5. Hit enter or click on “Next” or “Previous” to move through the page.

Limited Bursary Suggested Search Terms:

Academic Program
Search by the academic program you are studying in, majoring in, minoring in, completing courses in.  For example: Arts, Biology, Development Studies, Nursing, etc.
Search by key words such as Athletics or the names of specific sports (examples: Basketball, Football, Rugby), Community Involvement, Dean’s List, Entrepreneurship, Journalism, Leadership, Student Union, Volunteer, etc.
Search by personal identifiers, examples include African, African Canadian, American, Canadian, First Nations, International, Female, Male
Family Situation
Some bursaries include criteria based on your family situation.  Key words to seach for include Day Care, Married, Mature, One-Parent Home, Single Parent, Staff (as in child of StFX staff member)
Eligibility criteria can be related to where you are from, search by Home Town/City, County, Province, State, Country, Continent 
High School
Some bursaries are specific to the high school you attended prior to beginning your studies at StFX
Religious Affiliation
Search by key words such as Catholic, Christian, Jew, Knight of Columbus, Muslim, Priesthood, Religious, Theological.

Also try searching for particular parishes, including Bras d'Or Parish, Diocese of Antigonish, St. Andrew's (Egerton), St. John Diocese, St. John the Baptist Parish (New Glasgow), St. Joseph’s Parish, St. Margaret of Scotland (Arisaig), St. Mary's (Lismore), Stella Maris Parish
Year of Study/Enrollment
First, Second, Third, Fourth, Senior, First Degree, 30 Credits, etc.