AUT PD & Travel Expenses

Travel Claims

AUT Professional Development Fund


The AUT PD Expense program is defined by Article 1.22 Professional Expense Fund of the AUT Collective Agreement. All PD expenses reimbursed or processed must adhere to the AUT Professional Expense Fund Process Document.  PD Expenses must also comply with other applicable University policies and regulations.


The PD Expense Form - this from should be used to request reimbursement of payment of goods and/or services supporting the AUT member's professional development.


Computer Equipment Form – Sign in to submit a request for new technology listed from the StFX Technology recommendation page. The questionnaire must be completed and flagged as a PD expense if the purchase is for an electronic device or accessory.

PD Entitlements - this link is only accessible by administration. Information is accessible available accessible to members via Dean/University Librarian’s office.


AUT Travel Fund


The AUT Travel Fund is defined by Article 2.12 Faculty Travel Budget of the AUT Collective Agreement.


AUT Faculty Travel Expense Form - this from should be used to request reimbursement for expenses related to preapproved AUT Travel Fund activity.

Please note the travel form listed above is exclusively for AUT travel fund reimbursement. All other travel must continue to use and comply with University procedures and forms.