Cheque or Payment Requisition

Cheque or Payment Requisition

All expenses on behalf of the University must adhere to the Purchasing Policy


  • Payment Requisition Express Email Form - this form should be used to submit an invoice for payment of services which satisfy the valid expense type criteria as defined in the guidelines below (This email template may not be compatible with all web based email clients).
  • Payment requisitions must be accompanied by actual invoices and any necessary support support documentation for Accounts Payable to process the payment. These must be attached to the payment request.
  • If requesting reimbursement for business expenses paid personally, please use the University General Expense Form . Please ensure that the section titled "Purpose of Expense" is completed. Please note that multiple requests can be claimed on one General Expense Form.


  1. Prepare the payment request by completing the appropriate Form linked above.
  2. Scan and attach any invoices, receipts, or other documents supporting the request in PDF format.
  3. Complete any additional forms applicable.
  4. Submit the approved form, receipts and invoices by email to the accounts payable department
  5. Once you have confirmed your invoices or receipts were correctly scanned and attached to the email to accounts payable, you may shred or dispose of them.
  6. When the payment requisition is being processed, the financial system will request authorization for the spending request by email spending approval request.

Use the Navigating a New Purchase Guide to determine if the cheque or payment requisition is the appropriate method to use for your spending request.

These forms should be used to request reimbursement only for the following list of specific items:

Standard Items:

  1. Referee Expense Claims
  2. Course Registrations
  3. Webinars
  4. Memberships/Dues Payments
  5. Hotel and Conference Facility Bookings (not accommodations)
  6. Supplies and service for University owned vehicles 
  7. Maintenance supplies (electrical, mechanical, building, etc.) 
  8. Tools, small equipment 
  9. Non hazardous chemicals
  10. Short term equipment rentals 
  11. Mail/Phone/Web orders 
  12. Books, subscriptions, etc. 
  13. Research related goods and services (subject to exclusions above)

For all international purchases and payments, consult the International Payments and Purchases page.

Please note: The University's standard procedure is to mail cheques directly to the address provided by the payee.