Facilities Renewal Fee

Facilities Renewal Fee

Q. What is the facilities renewal fee for? 
A. The facilities renewal fee helps defray the costs associated with annual maintenance/renewal of facilities (for example, classrooms, laboratories and student spaces), grounds (walkways, parking, and green space), and compliance with safety regulations for facilities and replacement of furniture and laboratory, classroom and other equipment. 

Q. Why was this fee implemented?
A. The University is 160+ years old with many repair and maintenance needs. Following the model implemented by other universities, the revenue generated will cover costs associated with maintenance, renewal of facilities, replacement of equipment, and measures required to meet safety standards pertaining to buildings and pubic space which are not covered in the provincial operating grant funding. 

Q. Where do the funds from the fees go? 
A. Proceeds from this fee will be used to offset the costs incurred in annual maintenance and equipment repair across campus. Students will be consulted with respect to their priorities for maintenance and equipment each year. 

Q. Who has to pay? 
A. The fee applies to all registered students taking three or more credits. 

Q. When did the Student Campus Recreation Fee take effect? 
A. September 1, 2014