Financial Accounts Where To Start

Financial Accounts Where To Start

Financial Accounts, Departmental Statements & Purchase Order Lookups
Where To Start.....

New Accounts & First-Time users:
To get started you will need your mesAmis username & PIN and your webfx username & password. If you do not know your mesAmis username and PIN, directions on obtaining them are included in Step Three of the login directions that follow this section.

If you are a first-time user of our Business Office Reports, you have been sent to this link for some introductory information on how your research/financial accounts work.

When a research grant or other financial account is set up in the University’s financial system, a notification will be sent to the Faculty or Staff member that the new account has been set up in their name and that the account is ready to be accessed.

This new account will be added to the list of accounts that can be reviewed using the Monthly Departmental Statements in mesAmis (our reporting platform).

Most accounts are configured as follows:

5-digit account number - XXXXX - followed by a 4-digit sub-account - XXXX - to which you can charge items within an account.

The standard sub-accounts that are assigned to all research acounts are:

XXXXX - 1310 - Travel advance
XXXXX - 5000 - Grant (Revenue)
XXXXX - 6001 - Salary
XXXXX - 6002 - Fringe Benefits
XXXXX - 6003 - Equipment
XXXXX - 6004 - Supplies
XXXXX - 6005 - Travel
XXXXX - 6009 - Postage
XXXXX - 6010 - Xeroxing
XXXXX - 6011 - Printing
XXXXX - 6019 - Telephone
XXXXX - 6099 – Miscellaneous Expenses

When referencing your account, please ensure the proper account - sub-account number is indicated on all requisitions/invoices, e.g. Supplies XXXXX - 6004.

Login Directions.....

Step One - On the STFX.CA Home Page Select "MY StFX:

Step Two - On the STFX.CA Home Page Select "Banner/mesAMIS":

Step Three -Select the Faculty or Staff Login Link:

Step Four - Login to mesAmis:

Step Four mesAmis Login Help if Needed:

Step Five - Select a Report:

Once in the report menu select the
Business Office - Budget - Monthly Departmental Statements
Procurement Services - Purchase Order Review
You will be prompted to login again:

You will use your webfx\username and password to gain access to your reports. 
Be sure to preface your username with webfx\ then s elect OK.
You should now have access to your reports.

Note: Long form username use a backslash " \ "

Select the account you wish to view. Select how you would like to see the results: Browser or Excel. Click “Run Report” There is a link at the bottom of the generated report to view individual transactions.

If you have any questions about your account or these reports please contact:

Alison MacLean
Coordinator Research Reporting
533 MacKinnon Hall
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5
Phone 902-867-3452
Fax 902-867-3628  


Chantal MacIsaac
Financial Systems & Reporting
533 MacKinnon Hall
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5
Phone 902-867-3202
Fax 902-867-3628  

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