Research Accounts

Research Account Information

Accessing Your Account Information
For information on accessing financial information related to your research accounts please visit the Smart Filter page.

General Rules Governing All Rsearch Accounts
All funded research will be operated in compliance with the "Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) on the Roles and Responsibilities in the Management of Federal Grants and Awards" in conjunction with the " 2009 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide".
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Setting up An Account
To setup an account for research spending the Finance Office requires one of the following documents be submitted with the request
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  • A copy of the official notice of award from granting committee (internal – Startup, UCR, CRS, etc) -OR-
  • A copy of the official notice of award from granting agency (external – NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, NSHRF etc) -OR-
  • A copy of the signed contract (external – AIF, Contribution Agreements , Private Funding, etc)

Please note researchers will not have access to funds until all REB and Animal Care approvals are in place

 Eligible Expenses
It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that the expenses applied to their research accounts are eligible expenses consistent with their award.
For Tri-Adgency Awards (NSERC SSHRC,CIHR) a detailed explanation of eligible expenses can be found at the Tri-Adgency website in the Finacial Adminitration Guide for Professors. (See Use Of Grant Funds.)

 Transferring funds
The rules governing the transfer of funds from a primary institution to a secondary institution is covered under schedule 9 of the MOU. To facilitate a transfer from STFX to another institution please download the following document “Request_for_Letter_of_Transfer_of_Funds.doc”. The Request form must be completed in full and returned to the Research Operations Officer.