Student Account FAQs

Please refer to Accounting Services

When are my fees due?

1st Term tuition/ancillary/university housing/meal plan charges are due by September 15th. The 2nd Term Payment (account due in full) is due by January 15th. Please visit our Full Time Fee Schedule:

Non-full time student, please refer to the Per Credit Fee Schedule or the Per Credit Nursing Fee Schedule

 How much do I owe and what is my 1st term payment?

1st term payments are 65% of all fees for Canadian and International students which are due September 15th. The remaining account balances are due January 15th. Use the 1st term payment calculation interactive worksheet to help you determine your payment amount.  or you can print the worksheet

 What methods of payment are available?

*Online banking (“St. Francis Xavier University” is registered as a payee with every major Canadian bank and regional credit union). Use your Student ID # as your account number (please double check the #)

*Payment by mail, in person (debit, be aware of daily purchasing limits), or via Student Loan. Please note we do not accept credit card payments.  Cheques payable to: STFX (include Student ID in memo section) Mail to: Student Accounts, StFX University, PO Box 5000, Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5

*Direct transfer of funds for international students through Global Pay  

 How do I find my student account with detailed charges & payments?

You will access your student account by going to

Have your student ID and PIN ready to access your account in “MyData”

Does STFX charge by semester?

STFX applies full academic year charges to student accounts in August.  See “When are my fees due” above for payment details

I received a Scholarship from StFX, how does this affect my student account?
StFX Scholarships are posted to student’s account in full in August, however only apply 50% against the first term payment and 50% is applied to the second term payment. Explanation: if a student were to withdraw, depending on the withdrawal date, they may not receive the full scholarship amount.  If you do not see a scholarship that you expected please email

I have the Nova Scotia Tuition Bursary – does this get deducted from the 1st term payment?

The NS Tuition Bursary is posted to student’s account in August, however only apply 50% ($641.50 for full time NS Students) towards your 1st term payment

I’ve paid Confirmation/Housing deposits, are they applied against the 1st term payment?

No, these are to be applied to your 2nd term payment

How much are the Late Payment fee and Interest charges?
1st Term: $50.00 late fee applied after Sept 15th. 2nd Term: $50.00 late fee applied after Jan 15th due date.  Interest of 1% per month will be charged on the amount due unpaid balance as of the last day of each month

I have Health & Dental Coverage, do I need St. FX’s plan?

Domestic Students may opt out. To opt out see

Health & Dental Inquiries (902) 867- 2495 or

Who do I contact with regards to charges on my student Account?

Most charges on accounts are departmental.  You should contact the appropriate department:

Residence/Meals (902) 867-3970

Registrar’s Office (902) 867-2160

Health/Dental Plan (902) 867-2495

If none of the above apply or you are unsure contact

How do I get an official income tax receipt (T2202) form for income tax purposes?

T2202A’s will be available online by February 28th.  Go to select Banner Self Serve using your student ID# and PIN#, select Registration, Canadian Tax Form, select appropriate form, enter year, select the printable version to print and submit.  If you require assistance please contact our Technical Support Group by emailing  Please note you may have to enable “pop ups” to view your tax form. T2202A’s are available 1 year after a student graduates or leaves the university.  Previous years are also available here

When are T4A’s available?

T4A tax slips are mailed to each applicable student’s home address (address provided to the Registrar’s office, please update with the Registrar as required) by February 28th each year

I have a student loan, when are my fees due?
Students paying with a student loan will fall under standard university fee deadlines of Sept 15 and Jan 15th

How much money does St. Francis Xavier University take from my student loan?
StFX reserves the right to require full payment of the tuition and fees owing at the time of loan funding

How do I get a refund?
If you have a credit balance on your student account (which shows as an amount in brackets), and would like to request a refund, please contact the Student Accounts Office by emailing  We will issue you a cheque which will be mailed

I want to withdraw from classes, how much will I get back?
Please refer to the refund schedule 202110 for additional information.

If you need assistance with making class changes please contact the Registrar’s Office – 902-867-2160 or

Who can access my student account information?

You, the student, are the only person our office will provide specific account information to