Income Tax Receipt (T2202 Form)

Income Tax Receipt (T2202 Form)

The tuition tax receipt (T2202) forms are available online only to the student at the end of February for the current tax year, other years are available all the time.  Please follow these steps to access your form: 
Enter your student ID# and PIN# to login
If you are unable to log with your PIN# and are having difficulty resetting it please contact our IT Services at or phone (902) 867-2356.
Instructions for printing T2202 
(Tuition Receipt for Income Tax purposes)
Steps in printing your T2202:
1. Go to the top of the page and select Student Services.
2. Select Canadian Tax Forms.
3. Select T2202 Tax Credit Form.
4. Choose the applicable Tax Year and either View Data or Printable Form.  The Printable Form is the only format accepted by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. 
5. If View Data is chosen, the student will view their T2202A information but it will not be presented in the traditional form.  
6. If Printable Form is chosen, the form will be presented in the traditional T2202 format.  
7. When Printable Form is chosen, click on submit and continue on the next page and the T2202 tax form will be displayed in the browser.
8. Print using the browser print button.  If no browser buttons are present, use Ctrl + P, or right click and choose the print option.  
Note: Once the fom has been printed, any subsequent copies printed will have a duplicate tag attached.

For inquires concerning your form please contact either of the following:

Student Accounts
(902) 867-2123                                                    

If you qualify for a Charitable Donation Receipt you will find the form with your T2202 form.