On-Line Reporting

Purchase Order On-Line Reporting

Official University Purchase Orders are available online and may be accessed using mesAMIS Reporting. Please note the following when accessing purchase orders online:

  • Purchase Order inquiries may be accessed by Account Number, Purchase Requisition Number or Date Range.
  • Purchase Order(s) will not appear in the database until the order has been processed and printed by Procurement Services.
  • When accessing a record(s) by purchase requisition (PR) number it will be necessary in situations where the items on the PR needed to be purchased from more than one supplier to add the suffix(s) 01, 02 etc. to the PR number to view all related transactions. Therefore if you do not find an item that was requested on the PR under the original requisition number please add the suffix to the PR number and repeat the inquiry.
  • When a purchase order is modified to reflect a change this will be determinable by the reference Mod 1 or Mod 2 etc. appearing immediately following the Purchase Order Number. The most recent order will show in the database and will supercede all previous purchase order records.

Instructions on how to access copies of purchase orders are available by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the following links, Purchase Order Documentation and Purchase Order Viewing and Delegation.

Note: If you do not currently have a mesAMIS account, please contact IT Services at itservices@stfx.ca.

If you have questions please contact Procurement Services and we will be pleased to assist you or email: bwilliam@stfx.ca.