Recreation and Facilities Fees

Recreation & Facilities Fee

Q. What is the campus recreation fee for?
A. The University provides recreational facilities and programming to its students. The campus recreation fee helps defray the costs associated with keeping our recreational facilities updated, replacing the equipment, providing support to students utilizing the facilities, and providing recreational programming.

Q. Why is this fee being implemented at this time?
A. The University incurs significant costs to replace equipment and do annual facility maintenance on our recreational facilities. These facilities are widely utilized by students and are considered important investments in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the University is seeking to enhance the overall recreational experience, enhance programming and improve recreation promotions and communications. The University requires funding to cover the costs associated with recreation and facilities which are not covered in the provincial operating grant funding. Other universities across Canada require the same type of fee arrangement.

Q. Where do the funds from the fees go?
A. Proceeds from this fee will be divided between a renewal fund for equipment purchases and repairs, funding for recreational facilities, and support to cover the costs associated with recreational programming.

Q. Who has to pay?
A. The fee applies to all students taking 18 credits or more during the school year. Students in this group will have access to the fitness centre, pool, and other recreational facilities and programs on campus. Students taking less than 18 credits may opt to pay the same fee to obtain these benefits.

Q. When did the Student Campus Recreation Fee take effect?
A. September 1, 2010