To understand refund rules, it’s important to note that STFX charges full tuition and associated fees on credits totaling 24 to 30.  Students who make changes (dropping and/or adding courses) may still incur full time fees based on the calculation of total credits.  As an example, a student who is registered in 30 credits and drops 6 credits worth of courses would still be charged the full-time fees because they are still registered in 24 credits. Furthermore, a student who drops courses after the full refund date will incur at least a partial credit charge for the dropped courses (see examples below).

For students who drop one or more course(s) or withdraw from the university, refunds are calculated according to the date, within the applicable term, on which the drop(s) occur(s) or the student withdraws.

For each term, there is a date by which all course changes (add-drops) for that term must be completed to receive a full refund of credit hours. After that date, the percentage of the refund reduces on a weekly basis until the end of the applicable refund period. Course change and course drop dates are clearly indicated in the calendar of events at the front of the Academic Calendar as well on this web page.

The refund rules apply the appropriate refund percentages to the credit hour value of each course dropped and then totals all the student’s credit hours to determine the correct tuition charge and fee assessment.

The examples below refer to the “Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Academic Year 2022-23 – 202310 Term”

Example 1 - a student was registered in 30 credits (*Full Time tuition charge of $9,650.00, in 2022-2023), consisting of two full year courses of 6 credit hours each (total 12 credits), three first term courses at 3 credit hours each (total 9 credits) and three second term courses at 3 credit hours each (total 9 credits).  If this student were to drop all courses on January 20th, the revised charges would be calculated as follows:Part of term 1 - Full year 12 credit courses dropped after November 22nd,2022  0% refund (100% charge) = 12 credit hours charged

Part of term 2 – First term courses 9 credits dropped after October 26th, 2022  0% refund (100% charge) = 9 credit hours charged

Part of term 3 – Second term courses 9 credits dropped January 20th, 2023  55% refund (45% charge)    0.45 X9 credits  = 4.05 credit hours charged

Adjusted Credit Total is 25.05 (12+9+4.05) 

In this example, the student’s charges remain unchanged because the adjusted total credit hours is over 24 credits, thus the full-time fees apply.

Example 2 - a student who is registered in 15 first term credit hours (five 3 credit courses) and 15 second term credit hours (five 3 credit courses) drops a first term 3 credit course October 1st, 2022 and adds a second term 3 credit course the same day. 

October 1st is after the date to receive a full refund. In part of term 2, courses dropped on October 1st receive 40% refund (60% charge). Therefore, the charge for the dropped 3 credit course is 1.8 credit hours (.6 x 3 credits).  The total credits for this student would be 31.8 (15 first term +15 second term +1.8 dropped course), meaning this student would pay the full-time tuition fee of $9,650.00 plus an overload fee of $556.20 (1.8 X $309.00 the overload fee per credit hour) for a total tuition charge of $10,206.20.

*Note: The International Fee is calculated using the same method.

The following document contains the refund dates and related percentages:

Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Academic Year 2022-23 - 202310 Term