Refunds (2.1.3)

For students who drop one or more course(s) or withdraw from the university, refunds are applied according to the date, within the applicable term, on which the drop(s) occur(s) or the student withdraws. For each term, there is a date by which all course changes (add-drops) for that term must be completed. Prior to this date students will receive a 100% refund on any dropped courses. After that date, the percentage of the refund reduces on a weekly basis until the end of the applicable refund period. Course Change and Course drop dates are clearly indicated in the calendar of events at the front of this Academic Calendar. Students are not charged for second-term courses if they drop those courses or withdraw prior to the last day for changing second-term courses.

The refunding process applies the appropriate refund percentages to the credit hour value of courses that are dropped and then sums all of the student’s credit hours to determine the correct tuition and fee assessment.

For example, if a student was registered in 30 credits (full tuition charge of $6,985.00), consisting of three full year courses (18 credits), two first term courses (6 credits) and second term courses (6 credits) and dropped one course from each term on October 1st, the revised charges would be calculated as follows:

First term course dropped, at 40% refund: * .60 x 3 = 1.8 credit hours

Second term course dropped, at 100% refund: * 0.0 x 3 = 0.0 credit hours

Full year course dropped, at 70% refund: * .30 x 6 = 1.8 credit hours

Courses still registered in (18 credits) 18.0 credit hours

Total = 21.60 credit hours

In this example the student’s new charge is 21.60 x $253.20 per credit hour = $5,469.12
Since the student was originally charged $7,195.00 the refund will be $1,725.88

The International Fee is calculated using the same method.

The following document contains the refund dates and related percentages:

Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Academic Year 2021-22 - 202210 Term

Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Spring 2022 - 202230 Term

Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Summer 2022 - 202240 Term

Registration Codes & Refund Rules for Academic Year 2022-23 - 202310 Term