University Purchasing Card (PCard)

Purchasing Card Program

The University uses the “US Bank in Canada” Purchasing Card program. The primary objective of the Purchasing Card System is to provide a convenient, cost-effective and efficient method of procuring and paying for lower dollar value goods and services by simplifying the Purchasing process, improving order cycle time, reducing paperwork, expediting vendor payments and empowering faculty, researchers and staff.

Departments may use PCards for the purchase and payment for goods and services where it is efficient, economical and operationally feasible to do so. System usage must comply with the procedures and guidelines contained in the Purchasing Card (PCard) Financial Policy and Purchasing Card (PCard) User Guide and related documents shown below.

To obtain a purchasing card, please complete the PCard Application Form and submit it to and use PCard in the subject line.

Need Help?

Questions about the application process or program may be directed to: