Applied Forensic Psychology Program (AFP)

“To each their own”

Applied Forensic Psychology (AFP) refers to the application of psychology research and practice in the criminal justice context. The term captures the integration of clinical psychology as an applied professional discipline (mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment, consultation) and forensic psychology as an experimental discipline. Students in the 4-year AFP program are able to focus their course work and gain practical experience in applied forensic psychology. AFP students are provided classroom-based skills training in evidence-based interviewing (clinical, investigative, forensic); risk assessment; introduction to psychometrics and intervention strategies, as well as mini-workshops (e.g., professional skills, mental health literacy, cognitive behavioural therapy) offered by practicing mental health and other professionals. The program is designed to enhance students’ opportunities to engage in experiential learning (field trips, guest lecturers) and advance future career options. Students also participate in practicum placements in relevant settings (e.g., courts, correctional facilities, police agencies, law offices, mental health clinics, community-based organizations) for a total of 80+ hours. These practica provide students with opportunities to work with vulnerable populations (broadly defined), as well as to interact with professionals in the fields of mental health, social and criminal justice.


Launched in September of 2013, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for undergraduates in Canada! Students interested in applying to the program must complete a supplemental form in addition to their application to StFX. Admissions info can be found here:

Supplemental form:

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PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Margo C. Watt, PhD, R. Psych.